Style, Design, Travel
Style, Design, Travel


cristine chiasson

I was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont. For awhile I did not have a strong personal style, but after college and moving to New York it slowly started to develop . I was always afraid of making a mistakes, but realized it was okay to try different styles and combos of styles to see what I loved. Growing up I have had the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe as part of my family lives there and was exposed to other styles and design.

Today these experiences and the influence of my grandmother's and mother's style have formed my personal style where I like to combine styles such as feminine with camo and other unique pieces. I am no longer afraid to try things that pop out to me.

As my personal style evolves I have also become every interested in being able to mix fashion brands with pieces from Target, Zara, H&M etc.. It is a fun hunt to see things that catch my eye.